Ladies Waxing Services



Eyebrow$32.0015 min
Forehead$20.0015 min
Nose$14.0015 min
Cheeks$18.0015 min
Ears$15.0015 min
Sideburns$14.0015 min
Lip$12.0015 min
Chin$14.0015 min
Full Face$60.0030 min
Shoulders$26.0015 min
Underarms$28.0015 min
Chest$40.0015 min
Nipples$14.0015 min
Stomach Strip$14.0015 min
Stomach$36.0015 min
Full Back$62.0015 min
Half Arm$38.0015 min
Full Arms$46.0030 min
Hands$18.0015 min
Fingers$14.0015 min
Bikini Line$38.0015 min
Bikini Full$50.0015 min
Brazilian w/ Butt Strip$55.0020 min
Butt Strip$20.0015 min
Full Butt$24.0015 min
Upper Legs$48.0015 min
Lower Legs$44.0015 min
Inner Thigh$16.0015 min
Full Legs w/ Toes$76.0030 min
Feet w/ Toes$20.0015 min
First Time Brazilian$40.0020 min
Duo$60.0030 min
5 Star Bundle$130.00
Love Brow Bundle$36.00

Broscaping Waxing Services



Eyebrow$30.0015 min
Ears$14.0015 min
Nose$14.0015 min
Beard$26.0015 min
Shoulders$28.0015 min
Underarm$30.0015 min
Chest$42.0015 min
Stomach$36.0015 min
Half Arm$40.0015 min
Full Arm$48.0015 min
Full Back$66.0015 min
Brozilian Line$40.0015 min
Brozilian Full$62.0020 min
Butt Cheeks$26.0015 min
In and Out Butt Strip$22.0015 min



Brow Tint$28.0015 min
Brow Shaping – Tweeze Only$34.0025 min


Under Arm Detox Treatment$34.0020 min
Vajacial Treatment (Women)$58.0030 min
Mr. Wood Treatment (Men)$55.0030 min
Anal Lightening Treatment$54.0030 min
Inner Thigh Lightening Treatment$54.0030 min
Vagina Lightening$54.0030 min
Vaginal Steaming aka V Steaming $40.0020 min
Penis Steaming aka D-Steaming$35.0020 min

Intimate Studio Services 

Intimate lightening services have become extremely popular for both men and women over the last decade. Intimate skin concerns have become just as mainstream as Brazilian hair removal services performed on both men and women worldwide.

We use advanced botanical formulas free of hydroqinone for lightening as well as an accelerated skin lightening system that is exclusively made for intimate areas. The treatment is excellent for treating acne, razor scars, ingrown hair scars and is beneficial for correcting blemishes and the overall appearance of the skin. After the treatment you will notice your skin will lighten 1 to 2 shades immediately. Depending on your melanin depth, you may need additional treatments and over time, you can expect to lighten up to six shades with consecutive, regular treatments.

Under Arm Detox Treatment

Removes black heads, ingrown hairs, lightens discolorations/blemishes, and smoothes skin texture.

Vajacial & Mr. Wood Treatment

The Vajacial targets a woman’s bikini area. The Mr. Wood Treatment targets a man’s bikini area.

Removes black heads and ingrown hairs, rejuvenates the skin, lightens discolorations/ blemishes, and smooths skin texture.

The treatment: exfoliate, cleanse, steam, mask, extractions, tone, collagen infusion, moisturize.

Anal Lightening Treatment

Wanting to enhance or help the look of your overall tone in your more intimate areas? This treatment will lighten and brighten your intimate area concerns.
Anal bleaching softens the pigment around the anal opening to provide a smooth, sexy appearance.

Inner Thigh Lightening Treatment

This treatment will lighten and brighten your inner thigh area. Inner thigh lightening softens the pigment and removes blemishes.

Vaginal Steaming aka V Steaming

V-Steaming is a alternative health treatment that is tailored to each clients needs, whereby a women lays on the treatment table, steaming water containing Organic herbs and various essentials oils. This treatment has known to help with Hydration to the skin, Hyperpigmentation, tightening, boost fertility, ease menstrual cramping, fibroids, balance Ph Level, fight bacterial infection, improve sex life, hemorrhoids and stress. 

Penis Steaming aka D-Steaming

D- Steaming is alternative health treatment that is tailored to each clients needs, whereby a man lays on the treatment table, steaming water containing Organic herbs and various essentials oils. 
This treatment has known to help with Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, hemorrhoids, prostate relief,  bacterial infections and dehydrated Skin.

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