Licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist and Owner of Brow loft New Wax Studio

Home Made Vajina Life Soap line

Vajina Life Handmade Organic Soap and plant-based soap Line was created to spread knowledge and raise awareness of the Gynaecological Anatomy and Health, Give confidence to women and men to talk about issues surrounding the Vagina. Every woman has their Own Vagina Story that needs to be Heard. Tameka Dawson Better Known as the ” Vagina Facilitator ” Has serviced hundreds of women in Brazilian Wax World. Being a silent supportive ear to her clients Self-Care daily challenges. Tameka’s greatest challenge was trying to prescribe the right at-home products for her clients. Tameka knew that her clients trusted her with their most Valuable Purse aka”Handbag Vagina”, with this in mind decided the only one she could trust was her own Organic Handmade Vajina Soap. Tameka is all about promoting “Happy Vagina life ” by performing various Organic services at her studio Vaginal Steaming Aka V Steaming which is an alternative health treatment. This treatment is Beneficial in so many ways. Vaginal Steaming has known to help with tightening, Boost fertility, Ease Menstrual Cramping, fibroids, Balance Ph Levels, fighting Bacteria, improve sex life, Hemorrhoids and Stress. This soap line is more than Just a Piece Soap it was formulated to keep you in touch with the Natural Essence of Life.

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