Mr. Wood Bar (Natural Red Moroccan Clay Soap)



Balance Ph levels
Hyperpigmentation  (Dark Spots)
Improve Razor pumps
Ingrown Hairs
Minimizing Black Heads
Exfoliating Properties
Improve sex life
Film Free
Alcohol Free

Recommended for all Skin Types 100% Organic  Bamboo Powder, Bergamot, Red Moroccan Clay, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Poppy Seed 

Hand Crafted to be a gentle but deep cleansing body cleanser for men with antioxidants and Anti inflammatory Properties. This soap has a very rich thick lather with a warm, smoky deep aroma. This bar of soap can be used over the entire body for all skin types.  All soap have phermones to improve sex life. This Soap is highly recommended for all men use to keep the Vagina Happy.

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Dimensions3.25 × 1 × 3 in