Best Kept Secret ( Natural Tea Tree Soap)



Balance Ph levels
Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots)
Ingrown Hairs
Minimizing Black Heads
Exfoliating properties
Improve sex life
Film Free
alcohol free

Recommended for Sensitive Skin Types 100% Organic  Olive Oil, Grapeseed oil, and Tea Tree Essential oil.

Handmade Crafted to bring a soft scent leaving you feeling extra moisturized,  fresh and confident in your skin. Due to to the minimal use of ingredients this a great option for sensitive skin and sensitive Vaginas. Olive oil is Highly enriched in vitamins A, D,E and K. This soap can be used on the entire body, Specially formulated for the Vagina Area. All soaps Have pheromones to improve sex life and can be used on all skin types.

Additional information

Dimensions3.25 × 1 × 2.75 in